The Top 5 Most Dangerous Work Places

Unfortunately for all of us, accidents can happen at any time. They don’t fit into busy diaries and neither do they consider whether it’s your birthday. You can suffer a personal injury on any day of the week, including when you are at work. Surprisingly, even the most benign sounding workplaces and jobs can still put people into danger.

Freak accidents are not picky about when and where they will crop up. However certain workplaces have been found to be more dangerous than others when it comes to sustaining injuries.  Here they are:

Medical Industry

Strangely enough, this is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. With over 6 million people employed in this sector in the UK alone, it has a large percentage of the workforce. 10% of these workers completed a claim form in 2010. Many of these injuries occur in nursing homes and hospitals.


Due to the very nature of this industry, there are also a lot of claims for injury coming out of it. Heavy machinery combined with the use of chemicals make a dangerous partnership – some workers can be maimed for life.


Injuries can range from the serious to hearing damage. The weather can also play a major part in how safe workers are on the job.

Outdoor Workers

Fishermen, tree surgeons, construction workers, electricians and plumbers all fit into this category. The self-employed should take out personal injury insurance to cover them in times of emergency. Some accidents could be described as unexplainable – ie walls falling down or branches unexpectedly falling onto gardeners.

Entertainment and Sports

Some sports are just highly dangerous – racing cars and rugby for example. It’s easy to break a nose playing cricket and golfers can get knocked out by a club or a ball. Those in the entertainment industry can trip on stage and fall off of it. These fields are alive with the danger-traps of unexpected accidents and injuries.

The only advice that we can give in these matters is to ‘be careful’ and follow safety guidelines. Undergo all the safety training that you can and be sure to wear the right equipment. Being injured can be very painful, it can prevent you from getting on with your life and in some cases, ie the self-employed, you won’t enjoy a regular income.

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