Practicing Safe Driving to Avoid Accidents

People have become more aware of health and safety and therefore drive their cars in a safer way than they did even just a couple of decades ago. The government and other safety institutions have made a big effort to ensure that we know much more about speed, seat belts and how to avoid accidents.

Even though people are driving much more safely now, it’s still possible for accidents to happen. The sad thing is, is that many of these accidents can be prevented. Here are some tips that will help you to avoid accidents:

Don’t use alcohol. The safest approach is to completely avoid alcohol whilst driving. Or course, some people will always have a drink and take to the wheel. However, it could be an unforgivable thing to do.  Even if you have just a small drink, you could still be involved in a fatal crash, as even in small amounts it can slow your reactions.

Do not go fast. The adrenaline of driving sometimes hits. We want to drive our car fast and pretend that we’re on a Formula 1 track. The trouble is with a fast moving car is that it’s harder to control and harder to bring to a stop. Slow your speed and you won’t be so likely to have an accident.

Keep your mind on what you’re doing. There are many distractions that are fighting for your attention when you’re driving. Your mobile phone, people that you see in the street or another car, shops with discounts. Your job is to keep your mind on what you’re doing and your eyes on the road.

Avoid driving when you feel tired. If you feel sleepy you could end up in trouble. Our bodies are designed to get sleep if it wants it. It’s better to give it to it by taking a 15 minute nap than to fall asleep at the wheel.

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