Bikes Lights and Road Safety

Cycling on main roads can be an excellent way to stay fit, but it can also be rife with danger. Road safety is a very serious matter and should be considered as a primary concern by cyclists these days. One of the items of equipment that can make your bike safer is bike lights. LED bike lights are probably the most powerful and they don’t cost a whole lot to run.

With so many dangers on the road, it’s important to be well lit up so that drivers can see you. Even the quiet suburban street can put one at danger. There are always people pulling out of drives without looking and sometimes unaccompanied children will cross the road. The more you light up the better chance you have of being seen. LED lights will give you more chance of being seen, especially on long winter evenings.

If you ride on the road, you should be fully aware of the laws and regulations of the road. Once of these is that you’ll need to use bike lights at night.  If there is rain, fog or ice then it’s even more important that you use your lights. However, riding at night with ice is definitely not to be recommended.

If you are riding in the countryside, then you need to take a snack in case for some reason you cannot easily get home. If you are riding at night, then of course you’ll want to be aware of any pot holes or inconsistencies in the road. Using a good quality bike light will do this for you.

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