5 Motoring Mishaps to Avoid in Winter

Winter and driving don’t always make the best combination. There are many things that can go wrong in those cold months of winter. Here are 5 tips to get you through the winter safely:

Regularly check your tyres

Tyres that are not fully inflated can cause all kinds of motoring issues. They can contribute to the tread of tyres not lasting very well. This can lead to motoring accidents as they won’t be so reliable when it comes to grip.

If you have any concerns around the tread and inflation of your tyres, then get them checked by a professional. They may suggest that they should be replaced. Depending on how much snow there is, you may opt to purchase winter tyres. They will provide more traction in snow, rain, ice and slush. They are also longer lasting.

Consider Your Battery

Batteries feel the heavy toll of added work in the winter months. They need to power the lights, heaters, demisters and windscreen wipers. Sometimes you need to run many different pieces of electrical equipment when you’re driving.

Your battery can be drained faster and you don’t want to be in a situation where your car won’t start on a dark and lonely road.  Whenever you park the car and leave it, check that all of your lights and other implements that use battery power are turned off.

Check Your Fluids

Many drivers don’t think to consider that winter is approaching. They may fail to add coolant to their car to prevent the radiator from freezing. Take a few minutes each weekend to check that your radiator fluid level is at the correct level. If you don’t know how to do this, ask for the advice of a professional mechanic.

Another fluid to check is that of your windscreen. It’s very dangerous to drive without being able to see well out of the windscreen.


When you’re on the road, consider the conditions of the road. Wet weather, ice and snow make it more difficult to stop the vehicle. You should travel further behind the vehicle in front than you would in fine weather. Try to avoid sudden braking to prevent sliding on slippery roads.

Be Ready

You never know what might happen when it comes to weather. What looks like a cold and sunny day, can suddenly turn into a snow storm. Be sure to have equipment with you so that have all that you need in the case of an emergency. This may include a shovel, a blanket and a snack.

Some mishaps are unavoidable but by making the effort to put yourself into the best position you can avoid a lot of trouble.

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